BUELL XB 12ss Long Take The Size Above You Will Be Less Stubby


BUELL XB 12ss Bikes Pictures

Buell has finally Admitted That His bikes were really too small to quite robust fellows. The opportunity was offert em, with the birth of Ulysses to regain share of the lath to create a Buell “XL”.Everything is relative anyway ! This Buell Ss (super short ?) Wins 4cm wheelbase ( 1360mm ) with a caster angle Slightly Increased from 21 ° to 23.5 ° and the hunt goes from 84 to 119 mm . The expanded framework Provides Greater autonomy , capacity fuel load enriched more than 2 liters , for a final capacity of 16.7 liters . Other facilities benefit The Entire Buell range. A beefier toothed belt Supposed to take life , a gearbox and a clutch reworked .

When we take possession of our black Buell, the difference Does not jump us in the eyes , drank once seated , we Understand That The time immediately XB 12 long has-been designed for adults . The seat height is intimidating , odd unacceptable for pilots of small size . For the rest , it’s true, the place is less than Counted “pocket Buell ” and if the legs are long, the driver Will feel good about this “big Buell .


BUELL XB 12ss Bikes Photos

” The feeling of sitting on the front wheel , felt strong on Buell “short” here Disappears completely. Our favorite , guinea pig all our tests passing , found icts up too , drank the vibrations of the engine at stoplights Gave him more seasick than pleasant feelings Expressed by Brigitte Bardot in a famous song in praise of the beautiful Milwaukee .
Good vibrations
It is true That the board inherited the family sportster Sends icts “life” to the motorcycle so very nice . Never annoying , icts vibrations Participate in character and pleasure generated by the Buell . Yet Buell XB engine this long 12 We Did not have Convinced That falling on a trial run of XB 12 last year .

Is the geometry of the frame or engine was long it not at its best , it is some Abebooks web -have not found the bestial side , violent that impressed us last year and won . The injection shambles sometimes at low speed, and We had several times falling on the test to a low 3000rpm , as if the engine choked When in full throttle .


BUELL XB 12ss Bikes Images

It was not systematic , Which Makes us believe That Was Not Indeed the engine in top form . Otherwise , it is clear the new geometry That Makes less radical Buell .
Calm !
Finished guidonnages or nerve reactions output curve if the coating deteriorates . The “long” Buell is Easier , less Demanding , and therefore the overall perception of His conduite is more peaceful, motors sensations Being softened all , probably .

On the other plans along Buell keeps Specific characteristics to the brand . Braking is effective if not spectacular , with the only downside to this trend straighten violently motorcycle When the brake is Actuated forehead corner , and a hard disk back and ineffective .


BUELL XB 12ss Nice Bikes Pictures

The perimeter disc rolls as always , Especially since it Allows us to offer the rim rays remarkable finesse. Not to say the Buell keeps a devastating look, due to the characteristics of the single model .
Suspensions work well, and , combined with excellent driving position , make more comfortable Rather Than Some other roadsters radical Buell . While we are compliments , highlight the great progress made ​​in the transmission. The approval of the belt is well , established and the progress of the case are significant . It is not yet in Japanese , the goal speeds going well and accreditation is the one provided by the BMW boxes for example. The clutch Does not notice , All which has aussi quality. The clutch is not adjustable up , unlike the brake . Incidentally , the sad part stalks disappointing in relation to the rest of the machine. The dashboard includes a clock , two more trips a count of reserve fuel. Buttons are completely Call settings inaccessible, do not think for one second access rolling !
Practical aspects
Our consumption has fluctuated Between 7 and 8.4 liters . Even with the new framework, You Will Often see your waiting ! Not long ago , the filling is easy, the goal is not hinged cap.


BUELL XB 12ss Nice Photos

The practical aspects are very ” Buell ” . Turning radius of the truck compartment under Reduced to icts Simplest expression, luggage transportation delicate duo or not , protection of catastrophic pilot seat . In the rain , you Will Be repainted from head to feet, passing through a puddle you require odd clean your helmet !
For whom , for what?
Then the Buell XB12Ss Long, convincing ? Mixed reviews , Actually. Clearly not made ​​for the city Because of a turning radius of a grotesque and sometimes stubborn low injection speed, not too icts no follow up on the motorway Where it lacks extends at high speed , it is Expressed That Road .

Soothing frame Ensures great stability while preserving real maneuverability . However maneuverability tempered by the inertia of the big V- twin. Less Demanding than a short frame , it aussi Loses ruffling and uncompromising character of the lathing , without offset by practical aspects That Would Broaden icts hearing. It Will probably be the role of Ulysses .

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