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Lots to see in Milan and a few chunks on the BMW stand . We will not dwell too much on ninet which we have already spoken. Presented amid other news , it was also entitled to a little corner of the stand very “roots” , where she sat prominently accompanied by the sculptural concept Ninety Roland Sands. If the retina ninte flatters many aesthetes , but we bet it will not reach the sales figures of the new R1200 RT on which the manufacturer obviously has high hopes .The ultimate Grand Tourism: This reference touring monitors the 1200 GS , as had also been the previous generation. So exit the flat air and oil, which gives way to flat air and inaugurated by the GS water.

However, it suffers the same trends as those for the Adventure , namely the inertial masses of the crankshaft and alternator heavier, and a ratio of longest bridge .

Any benefit for the drive ability of this type of machine. And about accreditation , the future owner of this flagship is spoiled by the many sophisti cations developed.


BMW Bikes Photos

Traction and two control modes rain and road  series , but many options are available: driving mode “pro” with a sportier dynamic mode and a hill-start assistance , to mount shifter  and down  the reports without touching the clutch or gas , semi- active suspension ESA and even LED daytime running lights .A family: If the line is moving towards even more protection , it draws heavily on the six-cylinder K1600 and wants more accessible triangle with handlebars , saddle and lowered 2 cm footrest.


BMW Bikes Images

New also in the cockpit with a color TFT 5.7  screen coming in addition to the combination meter and analog tachometer. Another bestseller unavoidable , the GS1200 Adventure crowd carpets salon Milan and requires more than the previous generation , yet already well- equipped.Scoundrel: Not wanting to give any niche, BMW will be the year of his villainous roadster, the S1000R . No big surprise here either, everyone expected this S1000RR in string .

The recipes are tested , but effective. The engine, deeply reworked sees its lowered maximum speed 2000 rev min , torque is privileged and power peaks at 160hp .


BMW Nice Bikes Pictures

Traction Control, ABS Race- and two control modes in series, the rest  dynamic traction control taking into account the inclination of the motorcycle, complementary modes of control , dynamic damping control will be mounted against hard cash .The current flows: At the other end of the spectrum , BMW gave us the honor of his electric scooter, the C evolution, in its final version .

Big bet here , since it is a maxi scooter , the template of C600 and 650 heat of the brand, with the aim of first-class services and a “realistic” autonomy of 100km , according to BMW enough to claim a real versatility .

This scooter has of course all the research exploited for the development of the i3 and i8 . A solid bet for which Heiner Faust , Vice President Sales & Marketing of BMW Motorrad , we interviewed seem confident.


BMW Nice Bikes Photos

Beyond a speech  waffling  usual and absolute confidence in branding , our interlocutor is very proud of the different models and very pleased with the excellent sales results consistently qu’engrange BMW. Sure of himself , he immediately dismisses the possibility of seeing some kind of a direct descendant of the first GS, a more modest and basic flat .

Enthusiastic about the ninet , it tells us that other models  offset  will emerge. One way to wipe the failure of yet very successful R1200C and get back on the beds of Harley- Davidson? No comment.

And to the question whether it is reasonable to offer customers a S1000R  shoot – to – crime it returns the biker responsibilities : BMW makes a tool available to its customers, them to use it responsibly and with intelligence. Not completely illogiqul.

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