BMW S 1000 R

An image from the Roadster, combined with a strong emotional super sports car driving dynamics: this is the BMW S 1000 R. Derived directly from the S 1000 RR supersports, the new naked bike BMW Motorrad exploits the innovative technique.

BMW S 1000 R

BMW S 1000 R Bikes Pictures

The close affinity with the “RR” is recognizable at first sight in all perspectives. Reduced to its essentials, the new S 1000 R anticipates a marked dynamism. Thanks to its concept developed to the last detail, with an engine with 160 hp and a weight of 207 kg and equipped with Race-ABS, ASC and two driving modes as standard, the new BMW S 1000 R sets new benchmark in Dynamic segment Roadster.

Four-cylinder in-line optimized in the mid and low

True to the motto “under pressure in all situations”, the four-cylinder in-line 999 cm ³ of the S 1000 RR has been extensively modified for its use in the S 1000 R. In order to obtain a configuration ideal for both everyday use and for recreational use on the open road, were substantially increased the performance of power and torque in the low and medium speeds. The maximum speed was reduced to about 2000 g / min. The engine delivers 118 kW (160 hp) at 11,000 g / min and a maximum torque of 112 Nm at 9250 r / min. Up to 7500 g / min, the engine provides a torque of 10 Newton meters higher, than the S 1000 RR and especially on winding roads offers a snappy behavior even at low engine speeds. For this purpose have been redesigned in the ducts of the engine cylinder head and were recalculated the profiles of the cams; also has been adapted engine management. The new engine management BMS-X also allows you to use the e-gas, so a “throttle-mail.”

ASC Automatic Stability Control, Race-ABS and two driving modes as standard. “Driving Mode Pro” with two additional driving mode and DTC as an option

BMW S 1000 R

BMW S 1000 R Bikes Photos

To optimally meet the needs of the driver and fit for the intended use, already fitted as standard on the S 1000 R offers two driving modes and the ASC (Automatic Stability Control). Thanks to the driving modes “Rain” and “Road”, in the delivery of power and torque, the S 1000 R fits the conditions of the road surface, supported also by the actions of adjusting the Race-ABS and ASC. This offers a substantial increase in safety, especially when the road surface is subject to frequent changes.

Are offered, as an option the Dynamic Traction Control DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), with two additional driving modes, “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro”. If desired, this ensures the optimum use of the great potential of the S 1000 R in the circuit. The Traction control DTC is equipped with a sensor, that measures the inclination and thus offers the highest level of technology, currently available series to increase the safety and driving dynamics during accelerations.

Cycling innovative and high-performance braking system Dynamic Damping Control DDC as an option

BMW S 1000 R

BMW S 1000 R Bikes Images

The chassis of the inline four-cylinder will not disappoint anyone at the level of dynamic power supply, even during the most busy. The base is made ​​from the reliable twin-spar frame in light alloy with the S 1000 RR engine which acts as a carrier. Similar to the “RR”, the front and rear suspension are made respectively as upside-down fork adjustable double arm with single shock absorber adjustable center. The peculiarities of driving a roadster model were obviously taken into account and resulted in a change of the geometry of the chassis. A deceleration energetic, stable and above all safe, provides, like the “RR”, a double-disc braking system with two and four radial piston fixed calipers on the front wheel and a single-disc brake rear, which has been combined with the Race- semi-integral ABS. As an option is offered DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) ensures that the benefits of a chassis adjusted. To further increase the performance and at the same time, the active driving safety, dynamic adaptation of the shock absorbers is done electronically in thousandths of a second, again depending on the driving situation.

Dynamic Design

BMW S 1000 R

BMW S 1000 R Nice Bike Pictures

The quality of the new S 1000 R motorcycle Roadster, as the performance dynamics are also reflected in the design. Faithful to the “tail up – nose down”, the S 1000 R shows the low nose and tail pointing upward their dynamic offensive. Similar to the “RR”, at first glance the S 1000 R also stands out from the crowd with his own face.

Instrument Cluster Multifunction

I inally, the S1000 R was inspired by the world of motor racing, also in the design of the cockpit. An LC display with analog tachometer allows you to have a variety of information unique in its segment, the indication of the display of the gear drive mode to recording lap-time. To optimize, shift gears have been integrated on board shiftlights to individual programming.

Highlights of the new BMW S 1000 R

  • New benchmarks in the segment of Dynamic Roadster.
  • Design by strong emotional charge: the affinity with the S 1000 RR is instantly recognizable.
  • Four-cylinder in-line liquid-cooled engine capacity of 999 cc, power output 118 kW (160 hp) at 11,000 g / min, maximum torque 112 Nm at 9250 r / min.
  • 207 kilograms with a full tank in running order.
  • Race-ABS as standard for excellent stopping power and safe braking.
  • ASC (Automatic Stability Control) standard for an acceleration safe even in presence of different coefficients of friction.
  • Steering damper of series.
  • The two driving modes series of “Rain” and “Road” can be activated by the driver pressing a button.
  • As an option, Dynamic Traction Control DTC including “Driving Mode Pro” to ensure maximum fun and at the same time the active driving safety in every situation.
  • “Driving Mode Pro” as an optional additional two driving modes, “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro” for the street or track.
  • Optimised for Race-ABS, ASC and DTC, as well as the DDC and management engine.
  • Innovative exhaust system with small muffler, pre-silencer and electronically controlled throttle down the drain, and two fully controlled three-way catalytic converters.
  • Thanks to e-gas, optimal dosing gas and operational safety.
  • Suspension components with high damping reserves.
  • An optional electronically controlled chassis DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) for optimal adjustment, depending on the driving situation and the load.
  • Aluminium tank unique in this segment, for further weight savings.
  • Exciting maneuverability when driving at high speed accompanied by better braking stability.
  • Instrument cluster with multi-site facilities.
  • Large equipment and original accessories tailored in the famous BMW Motorrad quality.
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