BMW S 1000 R Test Unbridled German Roadster

As he landed on a segment Dominated Sport for the Japanese, BMW attacks the big bad market sports roadsters with the same arguments.

Because normal by stripping the S 1000 RR, the German manufacturer has BMW S 1000 R to excessive mechanical, weight and the frame very happy sharpened. Enough to forget the Japanese standards?

BMW S 1000 R Test Unbridled German Roadster

BMW S 1000 R Bikes Pictures

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What is a good bike ? Objectively , journalists / testers Abebooks web answer the questions by referring to a bunch of indisputable Criteria : such as engine performance , driving dynamics , comfort or convenience and security aspects of the models we tested. Also goal we are men and women in the bike prominently Whose lives . We -have our preferences , we fight against this goal natural inclination not to give way to our subjectivity and give you the information as neutrally as possible.
However, avid sports 4 – cylinder, find myself today in Mallorca riding a 160-horsepower roadster long live the free world ! Has special flavor . Indeed , inflamed at the Beginning of this taken over by the velocity of 999 cm3 of the BMW S 1000 R , derived from the hypersportive BMW S 1000 RR , so I Readily admitted having review had a prior favorable on the new German roadster .

Its velocity , His Ability to climb the towers and sound more impressive – he yells over the Entire Range acceleration and deceleration unleash Some flattering detonnations . Affect my sensitivity in the heart. Yes , I like excess ! Purpose a good bike is not a motor and simply cut a strip for the track machines has never been Sufficient To Develop great year roadster sports.

To take up in this highly competitive segment , the work of transformation of R RR Proves he falling ? The new BMW S 1000 R is objectively a good sports roadster on the road ? The answer is here!

BMW S 1000 R Test Unbridled German Roadster

BMW S 1000 R Bikes Photos

Chic Below ! 

Honda CB1000R In His Time , Aprilia Tuono V4R 1290 KTM Super Duke R or new Kawasaki Z 1000 today Must Recognize That inspires bestiality , a big roadster Should have a real mouth . Evoke emotion Malthus Proves a difficulty task for designers, models Especially we faired little .

Besides about Alexander Buckan to Whom we owe, Among Other forms of the new BMW S 1000 R fairings Says That drawing as facies of this kind of machines is as delicate as to create a laundry line . sewing is like the comparison, but still confess That this new face splitee is for us not the sexiest of the seraglio  we prefer silk latex ! view profile appears to us more successful. Aggressive online wish delights us .

Wedged Between new asymmetric scoops and optional shoe , engine casings are Exposed the most beautiful effect . Finally , the rear portion Substantially Identical to That of the RR exudes dynamism Exacerbated . In short, the BMW S 1000 R shouts loudly That She Will pull your arms !

Driving position review, but still dressed for Attack

BMW S 1000 R Test Unbridled German Roadster

BMW S 1000 R Bikes Images

Effective Launched just a good leg to Exceed the rear raised and reach the saddle perched at 814 mm from the ground, it is installed on the BMW S 1000 R.

The redesigned Slightly tapered seat particularly to Promote accessibility  and softer than the S 1000 RR handlebars bent Almost right just enough and lowered 23 mm and 37 mm advanced footrest , Gives the Bavarian roadster driving position typical of the genre but quite Demanding ! Upper body effect is Slightly tilted on the head and legs bent too to Ensure reasonable comfort over time .

In addition , the switch Seems a little high . Passenger seat with flattened and broadened Compared to the super bike and footrests much lower side , the ” walk” is more enjoyable than the S 1000 RR . However, in the lack of real handles and a seat Placed Almost on the tip of the rear seat , the great escape Could Quickly turn into a nightmare .

All options crowd buttons !

Our BMW S 1000 R has test all the options available in the BMW catalog . Traction control standard ASC Gives way to a more sophisticated system Comprising a detector angle plug , DTC includes two control modes Dynamic and Dynamic Pro in addition to the standard modes and Rain Road.

BMW S 1000 R Test Unbridled German Roadster

BMW S 1000 R Nice Bikes Pictures

The bike is equipped with the DDC also suspensions driven BMW S 1000 RR HP4 , configurable in three modes ( Soft , Normal and Hard) and Whether you ride alone or two . Finally staffing includes cruise control and heated grips .
Suddenly , a myriad of additional buttons flowers on stalks acne literally !  However , the whole is ergonomic , the usual standards of the German manufacturer . The large LCD dashboard , the same as the RR screen turn is legible . Handling different modes is easy and we are Delighted to see here Appear segmented fuel gauge , All which is lacking in sports.
After our first kilometers on national expressways , Then a coffee break to recover from our emotions procured by our first ball drawn on the ground, we attack the Mallorcan mountains , more technical .

What Undermine the frame ! Solo option selected on the left thumb , right thumb Road switched fashion  start on the uncertain coating small hilly roads of caution . The clutch control is a bit manly ( phew  our bike is equipped with optional shifter ) , the goal selection is shown to be accurate.

Flew Me!

Voluntary motor from 2500 rev / min is a pure delight . The throttle response is instantaneous and , thanks to the electronic control set perfectly , no jolt not just create sweatshirt. Already present at low revs , the fat torque prompts the approach of 6000 rev / min . Here , it takes very squarely on the arms and the BMW S 1000 R only wants to pitch , odd second . Purpose Road mode, the control wheeling occurs beyond twenty degrees .

Even amputated thirty horses Compared to the S 1000 RR , and despite a character driven revised to Provide more safe mid -range , R Demonstrated an impressive draw. Limitations we were unattainable in this trial . And it is not for Lack of Trying ! Purpose if the engine Teutonic missile blown away , setting the angle of the roadster has however asked us Some questions.

BMW S 1000 R Test Unbridled German Roadster

BMW S 1000 R Nice Bikes Photos

With less downforce on the front, along a Slightly wheelbase reduced despite a fork angle than the RR , goal aussi a 190 mm rear tire and a steering damper Certainly fixed by the very low temperatures of this test we find him a perfectible agility . Which Sees Itself well When the pace is accelerating . Indeed it must take the BMW S 1000 R curve to register .
Switching on Dynamic and Dynamic Pro , more sporty modes ,  however , Gives more comfort . DDC is changing the damping laws ( rebound and compression) in milliseconds. WB S 1000 R Seems more responsive in tight S. In thesis modes , the 4 -cylinder also seems better filled at half speed .

Accelerations are only more brutal goal keeping the feeling of Being Directly connected to the rear wheel , the driver control her . In modes thesis , he no follow anti- wheeleing or brake booster Biases When the back .

Electronically controlled Power

BMW S 1000 R Test Unbridled German Roadster

BMW S 1000 R Nice Bikes Images

The DCC controlled suspensions Associated with Golden Rain Road Mode offer a comfortable ride , absorbing Appropriately – and Almost instantaneous – the roughness of the road . Of course , due to the Increased firmness on sports modes Flexibility is less obvious .

Initiated whatever purpose , all Ensures Good handling of the S 1000 R and heading hold curved hard criticism. Safety side , equipped with series of Race -ABS – complete only When the forehead is Requested – the BMW S 1000 R reassuring .

The system is quite intrusive on Rain and Road modes , purpose is more discreet on sports modes , better parameterized in our view . The front brake Provides biting and progressiveness . As for traction control DTC , its effectiveness is evident if we think That odd in the context of this rolling , AUC (without tilt sensor) would have been sufficient.

On the second hand of our test, melted snow mixed hail , rain and surf on the descent to Palma de Mallorca, We Have Demonstrated the Merits of Rain mapping, with a restrained power to 136 horses . Pinhole output evasions -have -been fortunately Avoided indicator of activation of the DTC turning several times .

BMW S 1000 R Test Unbridled German Roadster

BMW S 1000 R Nice Bikes Pics

Balance : Japanese roadsters in the crosshairs

Yes , objectively , the BMW S 1000 R is a good bike . Certainly , there are more agile in the category , purpose despite its 160 horsepower and big torque 11.2 daN.m , the 4 -cylinder roadster has nothing indomitable motorcycle .

Without mentioning icts look, the transformation of hypersportive S 1000 RR 1000 RS roadster Seems relevant to us. Have you seek a beastly bike means clustering . However , the first grip Effective , Some unknowns . How to react the standard version lacks traction Evolved and suspensions driven ?

Our test model with the Sport and Dynamic packs Being posted  14.670 , the base model to  12.950 ( with Race ABS and ASC  series) it is able of cutting cruppers Japanese roadster That BMW intends to Compete ? For the first time for crossing the doors of a concession to the propeller , it is Indeed the S 1000 R affordable than clientele Accustomed To roadsters mangas want to try . Therefore wait for the French version of amputated sixty horses.

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