BMW R1200R “DarkWhite”

BMW Motorrad presents a special version of the R1200R roadster called Dark White. Objective: to make more aesthetically sportbike.

BMW R1200R

BMW R1200R Bikes Pictures

The BMW R1200R is considered a benchmark among roadsters large displacement. This bike range of the German manufacturer is distinguished by a very balanced, strong skills, sporty but also a high comfort in normal use behavior. Pure BMW roadster this team a Boxer engine, a flat twin air cooled developing 110 hp in his case. Finally, its seductive look makes a roadster enjoyed by many despite smaller than the R 1200 GS commercial career.

To boost the career of this model (before the arrival of versions liquid cooled engine as the new GS), BMW sells this version Dark White that is recognized by its sharp white paint with black and dark gray engine and the chassis. The atmosphere is more sporty, but not as a purely aesthetic feature technical changes.

An iconic presence on the streets around the world, the R1200R shows that boxer engines can make exceptional power plants for sport bikes, too. With carefully chosen colors, BMW succeeds in creating a motorcycle, which looks better than the stock one, however without exaggerating in any way, and leaving all its brutal character undented.

In addition, the BMW R 1200 R “DarkWhite” special model can be individually enhanced with special accessories and optional extras from the extensive BMW Motorrad range.

The Highlights of the BMW R 1200 R “DarkWhite”.

  • Light white paintwork on front mudguard, fuel tank, taillight cover, headlight cover and fairings.
  • Frame in asphalt grey.
  • Drivetrain and wheels in black.
  • Black anodised fork tube.
  • Swingarm, rear axle housing and triangular wishbone in matt black.
  • Sports seat.
  • Sports windshield.
  • The price in Germany is € 13,000.- incl. VAT.

The market launch is scheduled for 1 October 2013.

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