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You do not attack a monument! Many builders-have tried to break the hegemony of the 1200 GS. Some teeth are broken, others-have taken a circuitous route, none is Actually managed. No? Not all at it! A builder, single, managed: BMW, the new 1200 GS! If the 1200GS 2013 Hardly Seems different from previous vintages , everything has been changed , modified , refined . After nine years of production the best -selling German brand Does not always Feared competition , odd if it is seen to grow fangs scratching the floor . BMW has yet decided to put his work on the art , history  to Establish dominance and disgust definitely rivals First objective Increasing power .

We can expound at length on the justification of the power attained by Some trails today , power objectively Moved to this kind of gear , drank human nature Seems well done , that ‘ man has never enough  And faced with a 150hp Ducati Multistrada 1190 or KTM Adventure 137 hp with a Triumph Explorer or a Honda 129 hp VFR1200X 110 nag GS Began to make a bit poor!

Flat water: Engineers -have rolled up sleeves and Their Offering Their flat for 90 years , water cooling , or more Precisely , air  water. Thanks to advanced technology inherited from Formula 1 , the glycol  water cooled cylinder heads and That Reviews some of the cylinders . In fact , cooling is Assigned to 35% liquid, 65% air. Technical Docs strike the weight of 2.7 kg this , and Allows the use of two very small radiators .

Aside from the engine ( 1170 cc) and the bore  stroke ratio , the flat water preserves nothing of the previous . The passing of gases is now vertical, with a Simpler install camshafts and valves earning millimeter in diameter . The crankshaft , more compact , stiffness and lightness Gaining , while the cylinders are now integral with the half- casings standing seam . And for the first time in the history of boxers , the gearbox and clutch motors are integrated in the crankcase . So exit the single -plate dry clutch, mittal by a multi -disc oil bath with a slipper function .
Electronic Flat: The injection is controlled by a handful ride- by-wire , Which Allows the manufacturer to offers for the first time , order optional cruise control on the GS . A curiosity : the swing arm with cardan passes the left side of the bike, aussi a first for the flat, returning the right exhaust .


BMW R1200GS Bikes Photos

The GS was Customary already has solid electronics , it’s even better now , but still an option with five driving modes , three different reactivity of the throttle , three settings ABS and ASC traction control modes oven ! Each mode is at presets, All which are aussi Involved in suspension settings When the engine is equipped with dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustement ) . Mode ” Rain” emphasizes softness , both, the throttle as suspensions, with a prompt to react traction. Then the modes are offert ” Road ” and ” Dynamic” , the lathing giving free kidney to the sporty machine. Finally come the modes ” Enduro ” and ” Enduro Pro ” optimized for the practice of offroad thanks again to specific settings .
Around the flat: The frame is Entirely new, purpose keeps the previous suspension principles models: Telelever to front , rear Paralever . The dimensions of the wheels changes, now with the 120/70 R19 in front of the 170/60 R17 rear . Evolutions aussi hand brake with Brembo monobloc fixed radial position. Still include Among the “goodies” of 2013 vintage appearance , and this is a world first, a LED headlight .

It Consists of two units with LEDs for the low beam and two for high beam , plus four LEDs forming the ” U” lying to the daytime running lights . As if That Was not enough , it includes a fan That cool and demist the lighthouse . Attention to the price of scrap ! Also Appears on the GS multi -controller knob That Allows you to navigate with GPS BMW “pre -equipment for navigation system” option. GS Took the opportunity to drop in turn stalks That Were the Specific brand .
Temperament flat: Look at the last GS Does not deny icts origins , purpose absolutely everything has-been revised , refined , redesigned , refined , like frame , mechanics or electronics . It feels at the time immediately Perceived quality , All which Significantly Increased , to the delight of owner  have you had to pay a robust check before the ride .
The handlebar , the regulars of the GS Will Hardly be confused by the environment or the position. They are by the reactivity against the throttle of the engine and the motor spontaneity . Temperament flat has Evolved to great effect . Capable of falling back to 2000-2500 rev  min without Complaining too much , frankly it grows Throughout the rev Range unabated , by  snapping ” the exhaust to great effect . The ride is undoubtedly odd more stunning than before.


BMW R1200GS Bikes Images

A Few Nevertheless Weighed pounds , it plays icts mass and Its size has to offer disconcerting agility ! Morality , with Such a sparkling engine and aussi a balanced frame , we Quickly Took the game to the Bastard and we are left to draw the road – the track- highway Delete as Appropriate  at a rapid pace  particularly or unreasonable . The flesh is weak !The price of flat: The 2013 GS Confirms icts image of ” swiss army knife” of the bike . Really Powerful and playful , the engine encouraged the attack in ” Dynamic ” mode, and never tired to play . The Chassis Provides the compromised comfort – keeping absolutely one way in the world of two wheels .

As comfortable as can be a GT , the GS aussi shows a sharp sports, mocking bonus completely Call coating condition! And everything That Was already the strength of the GS has-beens Improved . The gearbox and clutch are softer saddle offers more adjustment possibilities , the bubble can be set rolling by a practical system as ingenious , equipment and accessories are more Numerous odd , optional for Most, alas ! And we touch without doubt the only flaw GS: Does not give it to everyone! Count to 14,950 “bare ” machine.
After That , it Will Be at discretion : Touring pack (ESA , computer, Prepared to navigation , heated grips , hand guards , carrier bags , LED turn signals ) to  1530 Dynamic (CSA, ESA , computer pack , prepare navigation , lighthouse LED) to  2.175 … options and packs many, You Will configure the GS of your dreams , Knowing That if you overlook Some essential options yet not essential, a beautiful little faded n ‘ interested person at the time of resale .

To give you an idea , our frame was displayed at  18.150  excluding luggage , topcase and GPS  only supports included  Money is not a problem and the best is not good enough for you? Go ahead sign your order ! Perfection and you fuck you long Understood That happiness is two wheels is not limited to the Largest , Most Powerful , Most Expensive equation ? Move on!

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