BMW R NINET: the rock’n roll motorcycle presented in munich

Having messed up the hierarchy of super sport motorcycle, with his highly effective S 1000 RR, BMW is now tackling the niche roadsters large type with the new R NINET. We were invited to the presentation in Munich, where we discovered the beast preview.


BMW R NINET Bikes Pictures

This Tuesday, October 15, 2011 have been actually quite a normal day, those that we begin at the office and it ends at the bistro. Somehow, the pattern was fairly similar, but with some nuances. If in the morning, everything was in the daily grind, the evening was full of surprises, however, with the discovery of a new place of perdition. BMW invited us in effect Sehnsucht Bar in Munich, and not only for drinking beer. The new “model image” brand was going to be presented exclusively in the preamble to the next show in Milan.

The appointment was certainly more attractive, but it is a bit further than the usual two metro stations, it was still necessary to get there. After many adventures, strengthening our love of transport (1h blocking in the RER, involving a missed flight and a long suspense as to the availability of the next flight), we finally arrive at our destination.

The objective of this new R NINET (ninety) leads us to Munich, as well as expand the range of roadsters, vary with the manufacturer offer an attractive product, changing the image of “motorcycle Dad “often associated with most BMW models. This is certainly why the brand has preferred the atmosphere and vintage rock’n’roll Bar Sehnsucht than a luxury hotel sanitized. Program: good beer, 70’s rock, pictures of pin-ups and a race bike on the wall.


BMW R NINET Bikes Photos

Celebrating 90 years of the R32, the first BMW motorcycle output in 1923, the new R NINET looks like a roadster stripped the retro accents, able to compete craft strong character such as the Ducati Monster . Powered by a flat-twin 1170 cm3 and 110 hp, it offers a very good performance level (0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 s), while the front taken from the very sporty S 1000 RR (inverted fork and brake discs 320 mm) should offer high efficiency, once to attack the corners.

The contrast between the large tank and the saddle and give a fine side stocky animal, magnified by the brushed aluminum surfaces opposed to the black paint. Finally, many finishing details ancore accentuate the exclusive side of the R NINET, the most significant being the dual exhaust Akrapovic titanium output.

But in the end, this bike proves especially since BMW does not want to settle only its reputation for reliability and high quality. The Munich company wants to strengthen its image and reveals its R NINET with a rebellious side that did not know him.

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