BMW R 1200 R special edition 90 years 2013

When the R 1200 R looks around him, he sees an R 1200 GS liquid and he knows that this engine will come soon between its steel tubes. Then, the roadster wipes a hint of nostalgia and is split by a special series 90 years. It looks in its rear view mirrors and sees its remote, its first ancestor: 500 or 32. Essence has been there already: the flat-twin, transmission by Cardan joint, the consequent rate. The first BMW motorcycle of the history spits 8.5 horses – 90% one century after, its cabbage more than doubled and its power, 110 horses, was multiplied by 13.

BMW R 1200 R

BMW R 1200 R Bikes Pictures

Under its name “90 Jahre BMW Motorrad”, the R 1200 R plays once more of elegance and discretion. The dark one is of setting with the colors selected, black sapphire and gray asphalts. A little gray granite on the cylinder heads and the wheels, of the emanations gilded on the clamps of brakes and the tubes of fork, and the final key: a plate 90 years fixed on the t-piece of fork, instead of the BMW emblem.

BMW R 1200 R

BMW R 1200 R Bikes Photos

Specificities of BMW R 1200 R “90 Jahre BMW Motorrad”:

– Front mudguard, coating of the tank and preparing postpone in black metalized sapphire.

– Reason specific to the model.

– Oscillating arm, suspension arm triangulated and tally back painted in gray asphalts metalized checkmate.

– Black anodic Paralever.

– Rims, couvre-class, fork and front hub in gray granite metalized checkmate.

– Engine entirely in black checkmate.

– Exclusive brass plate nickelled and polished on the higher t-piece of fork instead of BMW logo.

– Tubes of fork and clamps of brake before and back anodic color gold.

– Custom-tailored accessories and equipment.


BMW R 1200 R

BMW R 1200 R Bikes Images

Tally: Lattice out of tubes D ’ steel with engine to porteurRéservoir: 18 litresHautor of saddle: 800 malinger: 2145 mmLargor: 906 mmHautor: 1285 mmEmpattement: 1495 mopeds in functioning order: 231 kg

Nose gear:

Telelever fork, deb.: 120 mm2 discs Ø 320 mm, clamps 4 pistonsRoue AV: 120/70 – 17”


Limp to 6 secondary rapportsTransmission by Cardan joint

Rear wheel-axle unit:

Mono-shock absorber and Paralever, deb.: 140 mm1 disc Ø 265 mm, clamp 2 pistonsRoue AR: 180/55 – 17”


Twin-cylinder flat, 4 tempsRefroidissement: Cooling air/huileInjection Ø 50 mm2 ACT4 valves by cylindre1170 DC (101 X 73 mm) 110 each with 7500 true/min12. 1 mg with 6000 tr/min

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