BMW K 1200 R-A Roadster Without Fairing Declined The K 1200 S

It was falling on the Intermot motorcycle show in Munich the ends Sunday, “BMW”  Motorrad has nounced the expansion of icts K series engine with cylinders in line oven mounted in a transverse position.

BMW K 1200 R-A

BMW K 1200 R-A Bikes Pictures

This new high performance purist roadster is Entirely without fairing.The arrival of the K 1200 R in showrooms is scheduled for the second half of 2005.

The bike is not yet finished completely Call , goal icts development icts is in final phase. The new model is not K Exposed falling on the days When the show is open to the public .

Aim the press has-been scented with a folder and a Few pictures . K 1200 R is a sports car with all the qualities and the technical Elements of the K 1200 S.

Transmission and Chassis Were taken , With Some changes of detail . BMW Duolever fork is Slightly less inclined and offset is a little Shorter, All which promised to Improve the maneuverability of the K 1200 S.

BMW K 1200 R-A

BMW K 1200 R-A Bikes Photos

Many Similarities with the K 1200 S is the engine, only the flow of air has-beens Improved .

The maximum power is Slightly lower than the K 1200 S, aim Greater than 118 kilowatts (160 hp . ) .

The torque curve is the same Roughly over a wide-range with a maximum value similar . The stepping speed aussi the same , only the transmission ratio of the rear wheel is Slightly Shorter, All which has  positive effect on the recovery .

The dimensions of the body at the tank and the rear are new , as well as dual headlight with striking appearance Treated in matt chrome. Only a small bubble covers the forehead above the lighthouse still Protects the driver against the wind .

BMW K 1200 R-A

BMW K 1200 R-A B Bikes Images

The seat , identiques to That of the K 1200 S form , is Somewhat narrower forehead icts in hand . Which encouraged active sitting, facing forward and Allows smaller riders better hit the ground . The bridge of the handlebar has-been reworked so That the driver is more right .

A glance thrown on the handset can Recognize other differences from the K 1200 S: a different arrangement of the speedometer and tachometer , as well as black numbers on white background of a new design.

Specifications Summary – Nominal power : more than 118 kilowatts (> 160 hp . ) – Maximum torque : 125 Nm approx. – DIN curb weight (full tank ) : less than 240 kg – Dry Weight (without consumables , without ABS) : less than 220 kg – tank capacity: 19 liters – Maximum speed : over 200 km / h – BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (partially full braking ) option. Olivier Duquesne.


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