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BMW G650X Bikes Pictures

The Challenge tested here wants to be the “hard enduro” version. Nothing to do with the F650 still in the catalog, we -have before us a radical motorcycle enduro Clearly labeled with a wheel 21 to the front, a fine car seat as a blade 93cm Reaches All which , the suspension travel of the front and rear 27cm Both , a pneumatic damper (air acts as a spring ) inherited from the famous HP2 .

This damper weighs two pounds less than a conventional handset . All of the bike weighs 144 pounds dry aussi , 156 pounds while full facts . A new public Clearly , BMW has icts Decided to expand offerings and reach new targets . Kinship with the F series is clear .

The engine made ​​by Rotax is derived , goal reviewed at all levels , it is now Developing 53ch 7,000 rev / min and meets Euro3 standards .

The bike was developed in cooperation with Aprilia in All which it is built in the north of Italy . The design of the X Range is designed to make Completely different models on the Basis of common shares with regard to the engine , chassis and major equipment. Washers and bolts.


BMW G650X Bikes Photos

Technically sophisticated , the engine lost two pounds Compared to the F650 . The electronic engine management is Specific to Each concept motorcycle, the five box is included as Such . The frame is the same on all three models and Consists of four very robust components : the main frame welded steel profiles , molded aluminum bolted to the main frame in housing swingarm , aluminum reinforcement Welcomes the engine parts , forged aluminum subframe All which dampens developed by the rear combined strengths and the rear frame bolted aluminum .

This design by Implementing the materials according to the Constraints Involved in final weight content. Double oscillating cast alloy covered with an elegant anodized area as Some Elements of the frame arms , complete with a telescopic fork Front 45mm reversed . Each model has pecific settings and travels to Their respective uses .

The tank is smartly Placed in the triangle of the frame , near the center of gravity . Its lateral filling is so obvious Abebook web regret not find it most motorcycles . His paltry capacity of 9.5 liters is less debilitating than you might expect, thanks to a happy consumption.


BMW G650X Bikes Images

All models can benefit from the optional ABS , They are BMW ! The three models are based on this core , differentiation from equipment design and setting Their frame. In addition , media handlebars , seat , headlights , wheels and tires , brakes and rear suspension Differs depending on the model . The settings are aussi at deflections , the dimensions of the wheels and front wheel housing . The final drive ratio is matched too . BMW G650X Challenge The Challenge ( whew! ) is not fooling anyone on His personality . His style prompts you Directly to leave the bitumen . High, narrow , it is perched on wheels 21 to the edge 18 and rear .

Once overlapped , the tone is set: Our six feet barely Allows us to put feet on the ground , no doubt it is a real TT , and clothes Acquired by the practice of enduro there is a bunch of years back at a gallop . Bike saddle fine and light , long for the transfer of mass , wide handlebars , you feel ready to attack .


BMW G650X Nice Bikes Pictures

The return of Bornem begins with the highway , not the favorite playground of an enduro . Yet , apart from taking the wind , not everything is so bad . The engine wants and grabs the 180 meter , the bike lane right with float barely noticeable and never worrying gently vibrates As Any mono, again vigorously at every red light . Braking , Initiated by the rear wheel to avoid mass transfer too impressive , is effective and Easily measurable . The rear brake Allows updates drift naturally very friendly to turn tight! Enduro cities. The city however , the Challenge Makes more attractive , as it is true That the definition of ” enduro ” motorcycle Makes It was kind of fun and suitable for vehicle traffic , except of course the saddle height prohibitive. For the rest , happiness . Contrary to let fear the narrow saddle , comfort is real . Motorcycle , precise moves centimeter , thanks to the wide handlebars .

While the practical aspects are Retracted , the Insurance That Has the quality of BMW motorcycles made ​​icts himself to ignore the soft saddle pouches fixed end and allowed to carry two or three small items or tools . Not much hope to stay dry in the rain , They are not perched high mudguards That Will protect you. Mixed tires allow proper road use and quite usable , the frame and the engine can never be faulted .

The engine accepts to abstract from 50-60 km / h in fifth , Provided That the gas is Handled with delicacy and the extension of the strong mono is real . But the great outdoors. Nature lovers can not do without real TT tires only alternative to leave the bitumen , goal anyway , this bike Demanding more Easily find icts wide audience in Areas of southern France and Spain , in our Ardennes Sloughs Especially as the price of  8600 Does not Within the reach of every budget motorcycle That is above all an object of leisure more than a tool .

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