BMW G650 X Country No Cons The Trails!

That in a market offers products: such as endearing Yamaha MT-03 or Derbi Mulhacen, the F 650 Was Not too much at the party, despite its reconnu qualities.

At Intermot in autumn 2006 , three new models based on the same study models , the ” X ” range offers to meet The most Demanding Applications .

BMW G650 X Country No Cons The Trails!

BMW G650 X Bikes Photos

Between the Challenge already tried tends field , and the G 650 X Moto, Supermoto , the G650 Country plays the card of trail character , to look neat .

In fact , in his nice air, the light reflection Some research design . Less spectacular than its aforementioned Competitors , however, it Reveals fin1 details , like the forehead and fender mounts Worked very , very simple a pretty lighthouse , flanked by his two beautiful ties .

look Worked

BMW G650 X Country No Cons The Trails!

BMW G650 X Bikes Pictures

We find the right flank Rather successful , with the tank cabinet triangle provided by the framework.

However, the tank calls for two remarks filling is remarkably obvious , aim the location really its capacity limits . The left side is sealed by a very effective silencer , goal total lack of attractiveness . The place is free to the after-market , and a serious risk of noise pollution.

For the rest , solid fork upside down , beautiful area treatment oscillating frame and wheels painted black rays arm , Including a 19 at the forehead which provides Good road compromised regret not find the belt of the deceased Scarver aussi regret to see a beautiful handlebar topped unflattering orders still regret to discover a dashboard unattractive , like Retro, All which sccm a bit fragile.


In the end , a good little Mouth That Makes You want to feel the basic motorcycle . Basic, but not so low damn , this saddle is high ! What is included in the challenge puzzled leave here , this is not Such an altitude that will ease beginners or women ( except one, who will recognize his reading lines.

Too bad , Because 53ch 148 kg empty Rather figures are attractive. Once perched on the saddle , we find the typical feelings of mono. Cracklings characteristics, vibration ditto , it is not surprising mono and regulars .

The temperamental level either, it does not surprise you. We can not find him no defects : volunteer , bright , full , we regret despite a Certain Lack of Any character . In fact , this assessment is probably for the whole bike .


Indeed , the Country X has very attractive smart coherent consensus proposal , odd in terms of design.

In use , it keeps its promised comfortable , good brakeman , with a good length (about 180 km / h meter ) , agile wish ( it’s a trail !) Thanks to a very active position, strong on the front, the dynamic balance is Demonstrates decidedly flattering and the correctness of the concept . Simple motorcycles have-nots said their last word .

BMW G650 X Country No Cons The Trails!

BMW G650 X Bikes Images

Certainly this is not a GT , this is not a Supersport is an economic motor for use as pleasurable to take in the city on the road , odd ble to tackle the highway , with a willingness and ease ble to seduce Many bikers .


Would this saddle height , happiness Would Be Complete .

Except except that It lacks a little something, a bit of excitement , a touch of madness , a heart stroke , a little spark That Makes You want to succumb . The proposal is consistent BMW , serious . Too , no doubt .

BMW had accustomed to us in recent years -have products That this craziness That Makes You want to crack, to let go .

It is not found in the Country , and this is probably his only fault , with a price All which is very BMW 8.300 over 765 for abs , an essential option and the german manufacturer has offer merit in a category That Is Currently little used to .

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