BMW F800ST Appearances Can Be Deceiving


BMW F800ST Bikes Pictures

It is always fun and instructive to the handlebars of motorbikes That sccm very close to each other ‘, yet sometimes appear purpose very different personalities. The finding is not always expected that Malthus , the F800ST Seems very attractive on paper .

It is Said That a motorcycle That inherits all the qualities of the F800S and adds a more comfortable driving position , induced by a conventional handlebar mounted on bridges and effective protection generated by the fairing , Will Have no difficulty in seduce . And yet …


BMW F800ST Bikes Photos

We will not repeat the technical description of the ” F ” family , Largely detailed in the test of S. Just Remember That twin wedged 360 has  sophisticated technology , inspired by the “K” series, and has balancing rod loaded to Eliminate Almost completely Call the power of inertia .

Two lead ACT eight valves. Sophisticated injection, stainless steel pot catalyzed secondary belt drive , aluminum frame Consists of extruded profiles connecting the top of the fork to the axis of rotation of the rear arm , classic 43mm fork and ABS brakes the full program . We find riding the ST qualities Expressed by .

A family

Voluntary motor , indicating indication has some character , purpose is reluctant to get too low in the towers , great frame , altho guided by a WIDER handlebars and a more comfortable position.

Braking reassured us . The discomfort felt on the S here completely Call Disappeared : no lost motion , a gradual attack , it’s perfect! We find the rear brake too Powerful , Causing regular action of the ABS . Always exemplary stability is reinforced by a more assertive handling , probably due aussi , riding and driving position.


BMW F800ST Bikes Images

The fairing Provides real protection , complemented by a very successful successful suspensions compromised Between comfort and performance. Yet we do not really get to be seduced .

And yet 

Is the seat height , All which distances yet a bit of a target Within Reach , women ? Is the terrible noise from the clutch in neutral ? Is the box to the unpleasant order? Is it the transmission , All which aussi EMITS noises and banging really unpleasant ?

That we already felt on S takes on an intolerable dimension. ST induces a more balanced functional use. In this case , the transmission must be reviewed . As soon as we drop a little too much engine speed, the whole bike is shaken  and with it his or icts occupants and the noise is anything reassuring purpose .

This is not going as well as the BMW seduced frica quadra have you want to (re) make the bike . Younger, or Those Who Are not sensitive to the German mark, the whole Will not see the point of paying twice as much Almost ( 9.800 without options) All which services are in no way superior to Those Proposed by example Kawasaki ER- 6 Our Most endearing and enjoyable to use taste.

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