BMW F800GS The Little Sister

With a big sister as talented as the 1200GS, but stands firmly in the high-end motorcycle “well in their paper”, the GS 800 has a good card to play, that of sis more accessible.BMW-F800GS-The-Little-SisterLess intimidating to all points of view, the F800GS has recently received an upgrade, along with her younger sister, became the F650 F700 for the occasion. The name does not change for the 800, but the look is moving in the right direction, and equipment is enriched. Thus it is seen with (optional) electronic stability control ASC and ESA controlled suspension, but we will later.

Evolution Smooth: Mechanically, if the 700GS won some horses, the 800GS keeps its characteristics, namely 85 hp at 7500 rev / min and 83 Nm at 5750 rev / min. Note at the same time that the power can be reduced to 35 kilowatts to meet the requirements of category A2.
No changes either to the chassis: the steel tubular trellis frame is extended, as the brakes with dual floating front discs and floating calipers double pistons. ABS is of course standard, as the entire range of the German manufacturer now. Note that this is a latest generation ABS dual channel, lighter and more compact. It remains disconnectable essential in any field.
Cara Optional: We have seen above, the 800GS can now benefit from the ESA, which allows you to adjust the rebound damping of the rear combined three modes: comfort, normal and sport. This option is related to the Safety pack (650 ) to ASC Automatic Stability Control, traction which occurs on the ignition advance and injection mapping. The CSA is of course detachable. Other discrete changes, the appearance of more conventional stalks, and rather functional as the starter button also acting cutout.BMW-F800GS-The-Little-Sister,,Dual purpose: The design of the front evolves towards greater consistency with the rest of the range. The 800GS is given a little manly and off-road sleeker than before. If 700GS looming in pure road, the 800 retains its ambitions of “dual purpose”. Result, clearances more generous suspension, 230 mm front, 215 rear, a robust 43 mm inverted fork, a 21-inch front wheel, but also a seat which rises to 880 mm!

And if our GS was, fortunately for our diaper equipped with a comfort saddle is the price of a seat height prohibitive for the common man: 895 mm! Aware of the problem, the manufacturer also offers a low seat and a lowering suspensions, reducing seat height to a more acceptable 820 mm.BMW-F800GS-The-Little-Sister,Compared to the recently tested 700GS, 800GS intimidated by the height of the saddle, really too restrictive daily. Comfort lavished by the suspension and the seat “comfort” proves that there is no need to go through the “GT” box or maxi trail to tackle long distances in comfort. Only a bubble causing a stir in the noisy helmet put a damper on “travelers” capabilities of the 800GS.
The engine plenty powerful, appears quite deliberate at all speeds and climbs with enthusiasm in the towers, helped by a shortened gearing compensates a couple less present in low rotations that 700GS. Result, it is more active with the throttle, at the cost of less relaxed and safe driving. And at constant speed, the exhaust noise and vibration eventually weigh.
800, or 700?

No problem behavior, 800GS never gets in default, once accepted inertia largest wheel 21 “and fork dive under braking, amplified by the length of travel typed TT. ESA holds for us more gadget than the actual value, as indeed traction. If you want to contain the already pretty price from the GS ( 11,200), skip the Safety pack with no regrets! To travel, you’ll find it harder to deprive you of the Option Line pack, which includes heated grips, onboard computer, center stand and media bags for  610. But above all, especially if you do not plan any mile off tar or dirt road, take a look at the 700GS that deserves better than a polite interest and that appears to  9,300.

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