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Stopped at a red light riding the BMW F650GS , I noticed that the passenger of the car to my left small gauge GS as if it was a possible conquest in a smoky club, then turning towards the driver, lance sound “Nice.” Eh! We are always happy to please tourists, their vehicle is registered in the state of New York, even with German engineering.


BMW F650GS Bikes Pictures

And indeed, this new F650GS is a great success for BMW. Wanting the urban version of the F800GS, which it shares many of its components, such as the twin line 798cm3, but with a couple of horses less, this 650 finds himself with an identity problem, since it is not really a 650 or even a GS, the F800GS fully assuming this role.

Who is she then? Forget his name, rather intended to ensure the continuity of the lineage of the old single cylinder 652cm3 in the history books to come and focus simply on an easygoing and versatile machine.

With its profile Egyptian deity afflicted with a serious problem of strabismus, always the famous asymmetrical headlights that we love to hate, the F650GS is therefore out of the competition (Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom, Kawasaki Versys) for a look unique, flawless finish and a catalog full option, with a slightly higher price of course, but still reasonable for a BMW.

The test bike was equipped with ABS, heated grips, low seat (790mm), the standard 820mm saddle making, but the lowering kit brings everything to 765mm, center stand and rigid suitcases. One could also add, engine guards and hand guards who would absolutely off the beaten track, a high windshield and muffler Akrapovic.


BMW F650GS Bikes Photos

In town, the F650GS is sufficiently agile and lively to sneak around. Sitting upright, so tall, it has a good field of vision, and handlebars, well positioned, can bend the elbows, just enough to avoid fatigue. And it’s still in town the fork and the combined central strut were harmed, but it passes the test of bumps, gaping holes and other dangers of the Montreal streets with honors. Only the proboscis was heard the vibrations during the worst shock, but otherwise, no complaints components and their assembly. The windscreen has no minimalist aesthetic function, but one can imagine that the windshield up, option would be likely to keep more turbulence in the periphery.

After a day circling the city and to make jams, caps the F650GS manages with grace and good will, just do not go too in the 2500 revolutions / minute and advance smoothly, even too small, it was time to take the key fields (figuratively), and small deserted as the only company with the cows in the meadow roads.

And it is in this environment that little BMW makes sense. Obviously, we must love dawdle, take your time, retracing his steps, stop, start, without agenda or speed contest.

There are quite a few small irritants that eventually show the nose, as the comfort of the saddle is leaving after a desired time and laziness of the box (six-speed) to downshift, leaving us sometimes rather oppressive sequential empty (but as the test bike did not 100km counter when taking possession), this may be it explains.


BMW F650GS Bikes Images

 The photographer in me was probably best enjoyed as the F650GS rider, moreover, the most spacious luggage, the right hand, the other being cut to leave a little room for quiet, easily lodged my camera bag without need additional flexible space, but to have enough power and flexibility to cope with aplomb long distance highway as gravel roads and even small dirt roads (we leave the path of enduro the other machines in the GS family), it’s not nothing.


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