BMW F 800 GT

BMW F 800 GT

BMW F 800 GT Bikes Pictures

Born in 2006, the F 800 ST has not fully found its audience despite many qualities and a strong versatility. Its successor, the BMW F 800 GT, aims to prove the correctness of a sportivo-GT medium capacity.

Succeeding the F 800 ST, the “GT” is more powerful than 5 hp, without losing a couple. It offers better ergonomics, 
 increased protection and luggage storage (optional) more convenient. It added that it looks better than its predecessor and is also more status.

BMW F 800 GT

BMW F 800 GT Bikes Photos

The grip is made naturally. Seat height 800 mm, handlebars higher than 20 mm lower and forward footrest eventually provide a more “relaxed” position on the ST. Add a reasonable weight of 219 kg (with full), a center of gravity well placed, and this is a well-suited to the city machine, provided to have tamed the engine-transmission.

The twin is flexible, but here too noisy. Resonance muffler stainless bit annoying, as the gearbox, still rough and sound underfoot. Nothing too bad, but it takes time to adapt to slide smoothly in relative silence.

On the road, the “GT” gives you for your bet. First, it is super comfortable. She is also very agile in the sequences and shows a precision worthy of a good roadster.

BMW F 800 GT

BMW F 800 GT Bikes Images

It is clear, a motorcycle’s weight and well-measured balance, there is nothing better, especially as the parallel twin meets present in all circumstances. Finally, all coupled with a Brembo ABS latest offers impeccable braking.

This is a bike that deserves to be encountered … and tested. Certainly, it vibrates a lot and “sounds” like a little hit, but these two minor complaints are nothing compared to its many qualities in everyday life. Is the price, € 9,990 in the basic version but with ABS.

BMW F 800 GT

BMW F 800 GT Nice Bikes Pictures

Ermax presents its new accessories for the new BMW F 800 GT line.
The high protection shield (20 cm, also available in original size: 132 € to 145 €) comes in four colors and 16 optional serigraphs (18 € in one color, + € 40 in two colors ), as well as the windshield Sport Touring (120 € to 132 €).
The rear fender thermoformed ABS shock, with belt guard is charged € 140 and € 208 gross painted a color. The whole is, as always, comes with mounting hardware and installation instructions.

Since we are in the “dwarfs” and “giants” would it not be wise to give its size or “template” when giving his opinion on the installation comfort riding a bike? otherwise it becomes pedaling into space …… (and pedaling for a biker!!) In this regard, what has he (…)
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Find the full test of the BMW F 800 GT in Motorcycle Magazine March 2013 (No. 295), on newsstands

(manufacturer data)
Type twin line, water cooled, 4 T 2 OHC, 4 valves per cylinder;
Displacement (s. x cse) 798 cm3 (82 x 75.6 mm);
Maximum power 90 hp at 8000 rev / min;
Maximum torque 8.6 to 5800 rev / min;
Supply / injection remediation / Euro 3
Transmission 6-speed;
Final drive toothed belt (1 X 2.35)
Front brake (caliper x pist.) 2 discs Ø 310 mm (4 opp.)
Brake Ar (x caliper pist.) 1 disc Ø 265 mm (2 opp.)
Tank (reserve) 16 L (2);
Kerb Weight 219 kg
Colors orange, black, white;
2 year warranty and part M.O.;
Price € 9,990 (base with ABS

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