BMW F 800 GT: The Easy Road

While the weight and cost of major road rise, slim and affordable BMW F 800 GT wants to make the trip on a motorcycle available to everyone.

BMW F 800 GT

BMW F 800 GT Bikes Pictures

In 2006, BMW had launched the series F 800 with two road to fitness trend, the S and ST. Customer did not follow. However, it has a good reception to trails and 800 F 650 GS appeared two years later, and the F 800 R roadster launched in 2009. However, the firm at the propeller has not abandoned its ambitions road. Proof with F 800 GT successor today the F 800 ST.

At BMW, the pure road are named RT. The label refers to GT models with the ability to travel to double certain predispositions to conduct otherwise sports, at least early. When he has an F 800 GT, it should therefore not expect to see a descendant of the R 850 RT. The new version is more compared to a Honda VFR 800 or a 1050 Triumph GT, two machines described in the biker lingo “sportivo-GT.”

BMW F 800 GT

BMW F 800 GT Bikes Photos


Between ST and GT, the changes are many and are all designed to increase the radius of action of the F 800. It identifies a new wider fairing and a larger bubble to enhance the protection, a motor whose power is increased to 90 hp, a chassis and modified to increase stability at high speed and ergonomics of driving suspensions slightly retouched. With raised handlebars 20 mm, a 20 mm lowered seat and footrest lower and advanced 10 mm, the driver remains tilted forward but in a more relaxed attitude, especially in the city.

With flexible as the legendary twin flat, smooth controls, a transmission belt clean and quiet, and a full weight all reasonable facts (213 kg), the twin F 800 GT proves comfortable in urban areas. Only restrictions, a mechanism that overheat and for ski partner Parisian-wide mirrors to large (905 mm). Still, this BMW is not a scooter but an average versatile engine that is also intended for long journeys.

Stalled at 130 km / h on motorways, protection is better than we thought. The pilot’s head is exposed but her bust is safe. We regret that even when the bubble is not adjustable. The big twin-cylinder 800 cm3 vibrates a little but he purrs with pleasure and consumes little. Despite a tank whose capacity has been reduced from 16 to 15 liters, autonomy well beyond 250 km.

Our test model was equipped with ESA (300 €), electrically adjustable damping. By pressing a switch on the left stalk, the driver has three modes: Comfort, Normal or Sport to concoct suspensions to measure. Thus, despite a 20 mm deflections made, as well as an increase of 50 mm wheelbase, to ensure stability, comfort is preserved.

Unlike the ESA mounted on the R and K series, that of the F 800 GT does not allow to adjust the preload on the rear spring off. But a wheel is provided for this purpose, useful when traveling in pairs or with the proposed option suitcases (€ 747). Because the F 800 GT curiously inherited muffler raised the F 800 R, the left bag contains only 27 liters, 28 liters against the right which is the only one to receive a full face helmet.

BMW F 800 GT

BMW F 800 GT Bikes Images

The F 800 GT is certainly not small RT, many French customers wanted but it shows real progress compared to the ST in terms of ergonomics, comfort and protection. France BMW currently offers the introductory price of € 9990. We can therefore offer the security pack to 695 €, including Anti CSA, ESA and the tire pressure control RDC, and the Comfort package at € 455, including center stand, on-board computer, heated grips and support suitcases, while remaining below the price of a Triumph Sprint GT (€ 13,440) or a Honda VFR 800 (€ 12 490 in promotion).


  • Engine: twin line, water cooled, 798 cm3
  • Power: 90 hp at 8,000 r / min
  • Maximum torque: 86 Nm at 5800 r / min
  • Transmission: 6-speed gearbox + belt
  • Seat Height: 800 mm
  • Tank: 15 l
  • With full weight: 213 kg
  • Maximum speed: more than 200 km / h
  • 0-100 km / h: 4 s
  • Consumption at 120 km / h: 4.3 l/100 km
  • Price: € 9,990 (till 31/12/2013)
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