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Munich firm launches two maxi scooters designed like its big guns. But these twins offer the practical aspects of vehicle bodywork.

BMW hits hard for its entry into the world of scooter. True to its reputation as a manufacturer of large cubes, the firm invests in Munich, today that territory with two machines of not less than 650 cm3, although, strangely, the sports version loses 50 cm3 in his name.

BMW C600 Sport and GT 650

BMW C600 Sport and GT 650 Bikes Pictures

Mysteries of marketing … If both twins share chassis (a steel and aluminum frame), engine (an inclined 70 ° forward twin) and transmission (drive), their purpose is not the same. With its picked up and lowered driving position look, the C600 Sport is openly displayed as a competitor to the Yamaha T-Max , the number one segment. The 650 GT , with a more imposing and distinctive touring template comes, for its part, hunting on the land of Suzuki Burgman 650. In order to differentiate, they have no body element in common.

Technological Advance and Originality

Point of cheap plastics (and there are many on a scooter) or components made summarily on the grounds that this type of device would be less “noble” a six-cylinder K1600. Thus, the controls are easy to handle and are made of quality materials and stand up well to aggressive elements. As good BMW vehicles, the two maxi scooters demonstrate originality and technological advance. Include jumble sidestand whose deployment engages the parking brake (very nice), handles and seat heaters whose power varies automatically depending on the temperature, and an amazing pocket, called Flex Case, unfolding on the C600 Sport from the chest over the rear wheel to house a second helmet.

The handlebar, these highly stable bodied machines show as motorcycles. Even at the maximum speed (180 km / h meter, limited by a switch), they do not oscillate laterally flaw of many scooters, and will not tacking input curve. The C600 Sport is naturally shows more vivid and more playful than its big brother. But the C650 GT catches up his endurance and comfort: windscreen, electrically adjustable, ergonomic little tiring. In both cases, the stamp and the inexhaustible breath engine involved in driving pleasure. At most we missed an ABS too intrusive on the rear brake, transmission digesting bad starts, the output torque and a slight lack of smoothness of the suspension on the C650 GT. According to BMW, these minor flaws should be gummed on machines concession (from mid-April).

A Market Dominated by Japanese Armada

Motorcycle manufacturer, BMW could not stay too long out of the maxi-scooter market dominated by Japanese armada, with the exception of Kawasaki, who had never taken the plunge. But the brand Kobe might change your mind: some of its officials were seen at the Taiwanese Kymco specialist, where BMW is the engine make the rest of its C600 and 650 (their assembly is done in Berlin). France is the world’s largest market for large scooters, and BMW has to sell a quarter of its production. To attract customers, the brand offers its two neighboring machines prices Japanese tenors long settled. With, in addition, the famous blue and white badge affixed to their sides.

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