Bike Has Test Driven The Suzuki V-Strom

Bike Has Test Driven The Suzuki V-Strom

 Suzuki V-Strom Bikes Pictures

Bikes sent Oscar Algott -have just arrived home from the test run of the new Suzuki V -Strom 1000 That Recently Launched in Almeria in Spain .

How Has the launch been?

Bike Has Test Driven The Suzuki V-Strom

 Suzuki V-Strom Bkes Photos

Interesting! There is no doubt That Suzuki has come back to life and invest in a way Abebooks web have-nots Experienced in Many Years .

Virtually all have you have been Involved in the development of new V -Strom 1000 Were in place and were very keen to find out all journalists comments , and be on hand to answer questions. The single key people Usually hears quite usual , in this case aimed They had Certainly Heavily Invested .

What are your first impressions about the new V- Stromen ?

Bike Has Test Driven The Suzuki V-Strom

Suzuki V-Strom  Bikes Images

Mostly positive ! Earlier fears That the new model WAS a made-up release of the previous DL1000 presented in 2002 is all forgotten . This is and feels like a newly Developed motorcycle .

How was it run ?

The new frame is a really good compromise Between comfort and entertaining handling . The suspension is soft and pliable , works fine goal aussi When the tempo Increases .

With hand on heart , it must be reconnu that It was much more fun to drive than I Had imagined . V- 100 twinnen horsepower is enough to well over It has a really nice and Useful character . Traction control system is operating and the same Efficiently Applies to ABS.

If you must add up the new V -Strom with a single sentence – how read it ?

A successful first step in what is hopefully a new and more active Suzuki.

Bike Has Test Driven The Suzuki V-Strom

 Suzuki V-Strom Nice Bikes Pictures

Originally the 124,900 crowns , Then Comes the Swedish import also Offering an Adventure kit – the price for this time of writing, 149,900 crowns .

Testing of the Suzuki V -Strom 1000 You Will Be Able to read in Bike # 2 , in stores on Jan. 14 (formerly eReader / mobile via Bike- app).


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