Aprilia Tuono V4R Test ABS Anti Gloom Roadster

Aprilia Tuono V4R Test ABS Anti Gloom Roadster

Aprilia Tuono V4R Bikes Pictures

Tweaking electronics Among other details. The Aprilia Tuono V4R ABS Becomes odd safer at the end of 2013 goal let it be said his character remains intact.

When taking orders Aprilia Tuono V4 R of , sensations tumble like horses at full gallop. This bike is undeniably one of the most sensational of the market in all categories . In 2011 , based on the famous sports RSV4 , Noale sided with the launch of the roadster market big heart a streetbike, has stripped authentic sports and with a wide handlebar . In fact , the Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC  has never done in lace goal in leather and sliders .

To this end year 2013 Aprilia Has Made Some Changes to icts sporty roadster , Including a more comfortable saddle , electronic hearing reparamétrées , a reworked exhaust line , three additional small horses in free version . And Especially the ABS series.

A concert of valves !

Aprilia Tuono V4R Test ABS Anti Gloom Roadster

Aprilia Tuono V4R Bikes Photos

Therefore no change line side: the Aprilia Tuono V4R ABS Retains icts sporty stripped and fork insectoid head . Colors – black or white – are classical and suitable finish , odd if we adhere to streetbike style , a little less refined than classic roadster . Well , yes : a motor Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport, it still has a different look.

Upon startup , one is stunned face the avalanche of decibels , drank less sensitive in French in free version . V4 Noale roars , growls , barks , varies from low to high  it’s not an engine noise is a major concert valves ! With a saddle perched 835 mm less than 1 drivers , 75 m can barely put Both feet flat .

In terms of ergonomics , the Tuono shows much more than a Honda CB1000R Demanding gold 1290 KTM Super Duke R . The arrangement of foot controls, identiques to Those of the RSV4 , Requires more media to the wrists and more decline for the legacy.

Not the urban roadsters

Question grip, Aprilia Tuono V4 R the ABS plays paradox . It is lightweight – 215.4 pounds fully fueled on our balance – but shines very badly . Especially icts sporty character is Expressed without restraint from the first meters . This bike Does not accelerate  it jumped !

Aprilia Tuono V4R Test ABS Anti Gloom Roadster

Aprilia Tuono V4R Bikes Images

The strength of the V4 engine powers – the word is very fit – from low revs Tuono . And low speeds , it Does not stay there long taped seen little Opposed by the inertia block. Morality , in town , We Understand very Quickly Abebooks web do not handle This Will Open Many damn right . Fortunately , the controls are fairly easy to identify and strong enough clutch is a good feeling. The shifter is standard . Therefore , Either the reports to help you pass the clutch, academically , or They are mounted on the fly , without cutting , with enough purpose accelerator opening , so speed . Suffice to say That this practice Threatens your very important point in Urban Areas . You Will Understand therefore Aprilia Tuono V4 R the ABS feels really cramped city .

Overall performance at top

Once the horizon WIDENS , the Aprilia colors found. One can then raise the Tuono V4 R and space Appreciates ABS . V4 to the preferred 65 ° at cruising speed variations on the torque less than 3500 rev / min . In passing , we noted That the response of the electronic throttle Does not produce – or at least very little – jerk the ride by wire is successful. Between 3000 rev / min and 4 500 r / min , V4 growls and shows vitamin already , if you aim wide open beyond 5000 r / min , the V4 draws on the arms and the meter goes crazy !

Acceleration is very, very muscular Between 5,000 and 8,000 rev / min and Then clamping forces the engine Gradually Makes weapons . Moreover’s , odd in Track  which Has the Strongest response) mode, it is gently slowing effective 8000 r / min , while the standard version yet released a pack of horses .

Nevertheless , in normal use , odd sports, on the road , there are still enough to make beautiful sensations. Especially since the engine Rather approval is convincing : low vibration and has compromised torque / Flexibility quite honorable. The gearbox is a little firm , aim the Tuono is a sport That loves the whip , so we forgive him . Comfort side , the new saddle is no miracle.

The suspensions are a little on the dry coatings degraded , it is more general purpose stiffness That Unfolds over bumps or holes . The Aprilia Tuono V4 R ABS Hardly absorb shock with a very faithful rendition of the floor to the grindstone for example. Protection aussi very limited series , what you emphasize in maxitest , aim it probably helps to limit average speed .

Aprilia Tuono V4R Test ABS Anti Gloom Roadster

Aprilia Tuono V4R Nice Bikes Pictures

Needless to talk about the duo : 10 km urban enough to Recognize the Point at Which the rear seat is inhospitable .

Electronics for guardian angel

New 2014 ABS plays a role in everyday life without problems , aim it Does not convert the Tuono V4R motorcycle courier . In a utility role , this bike is wearing , goal in a Purely recreational perspective , it Becomes intoxicating . Just go a little in a winding and well coated to feel His potential route . Again , rigidity Does wonders , the head moves to the millimeter , triggering the shift Reveals the precision of a genuine sports chassis and Tuono can draw the purest trajectories .

It happens fast , brake hard and late – if the odd feeling Could Be Improved through a better master cylinder – and Emerges as a missile through the fabulous V4. The shifter is shifting the addictive atmosphere steering grandiose . Sometimes , warning lights are flashing hearings , Exposing the entry into operation of the Aprilia Traction Control All which always takes Ensures adhesion rear .

Just play with the paddles on the left stalk to adjust icts action. Reaction to squat Then naturally affects and the front wheel is more or less fickle . Similarly , adjusting the level of ABS (1 to 3 ) differently impact thereon , while the rear wheel off  allowing . The electronics are ubiquitous Aprilia Tuono V4 R is ABS and we must learn to know to enjoy the bike icts at fair value .

Aprilia Tuono V4R Test ABS Anti Gloom Roadster

Aprilia Tuono V4R Nice Bikes Photos

It is Often Said That modern bikes Become very sanitized , They are all alike . The Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC ABS exception to this rule . Ultra Powerful motor and chassis It brings a lot of driving sensations. Or wearing normal everyday use , it Becomes fantastic sports use on the road or track . What Could be more normal starting When the item is Considered . Indeed , the pleasure taken in the handlebars very much depends on your expertise and the route taken .

Often it is the case with very typical and / or very sportbikes . Finally equipped with ABS, Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC ABS Seems arrival technical maturity . Sold  13.999 , it displays a price / performance / technology finally honest report . Its Competitors – Including Those That Will Happen in 2014 – odd should not offer better performance.

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