Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC 2013

To create its first Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC, Aprilia had largely stripped and a hair arranged its RSV 1000 (sporting extraordinary twin-cylinder of effectiveness).

Thus was born a roadster with relish explosive. The years pass, philosophy remains – but in 10 years, performances, technology and electronics made an immense step ahead.

Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R

Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R Bikes Pictures

Aprilia bump since one good moment on its new Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC, especially that with a RSV4 of the fire of god as bases work, the engineers only ask to be demolished the brain to create the roadster which will transfer all the others.

Good, in fact, there is a sporting Superbike world champion. How what one makes, chief?
– Simple: make a trick of nutcase! “
Ah ….. OK. Good, fall the careenage and… Dustbin. One will keep only the minimum to have a quite malicious glance, from where this head of fork strongly inspired of the RSV4. Some optimizations for the reception of a passenger with a more accessible saddle and handles integrated in the hull, a handlebar to adopt a position of control of roadster, and for the frame…
“Chief, the frame?
– You keys with nothing! The RSV4 is in top form, one keeps the top.
– But it is a pistarde; one does not go all the same…
– Release! “

Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R

Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R Bikes Photos

It is known as. Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC recovers the best of sporting current. With a framework aluminum member, a reversed fork Sachs of 43 mm doubles, radial clamps of brake Brembo with 4 pistons (the monoblocs will be surely planned for a future Factory version), adjustable suspates of everywhere, the streetfighter of Noale makes sure already of very beautiful dynamic services. And its heart, its V4, Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC fabulous engine did not provide to cause cold sweats with competition and beautiful meetings of phantasms for the rabble.

Good, not gives either the motor mechanics. They calmed the 1000 DC, bringing back Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC ardour to 167 horses. Sufficient to put themselves on orbit, to lengthen the arms of a few centimetres to each accèl’ and to catch cramps with the fingers by cling to the handlebar. The loss of good ten nags is largely compensated for by the 11 mkg of couple available 1,000 trs earlier and the new staging of limps; the first 3 reports are tightened. The crankshaft is equipped of more than inertia and the conduits of admission are lengthened – all that with an aim of supporting the distribution of the couple with mid–mode.  Nervous mechanics? Almost dangerous, in fact. The Italian block has really fire with the bottom. To open into large are connected with an one-way ticket for Space Moutain without safety straps. Better knowledge is worth its capacities and not to over-estimate itself, particularly in Track mode where management engine places you in permanent apnea so much that moves.

Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R

Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R Bikes Images

Based on the RSV4-R, Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC succeeds in being fixed on the same weight which the RSV4 Factory, is 179 kilos. One owes this amazing feat with the new exhaust more ledg’ of two kilos and with the mass gained on the rims (2 kg also). However, Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC sacrificed a few grams to install a small black box. To do what? Is it what? Ben, quite simply the APRC, the pack of assistance to the piloting of special series RSV4 Factory Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC SE. Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC Wrinkles Control Performance is composed of:
–    ATC: anti-skid the, adjustable one on 8 positions, manages the couple and optimizes traction as well as possible. The system of the RSV4 is so thorough that one can make him learn how to act according to the tire used. Thus, the motorcycle will react differently according to the gum which you put on its shoes.
–    AWC: the antione. Also adjustable, Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC makes it possible to draw the maximum of acceleration available without wasting energy in capers.
–    ALC: An assistance with the departure allowing to sign takeoffs of rocket. You put gas into large, and in top form, it is enough to slacken the clutch so that the motorcycle manages only optimum acceleration. There too, has there average to regulate there; 3 possible levels.
–    AQS: The shifter Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC, which makes it possible to at a stretch pass the reports of boots without slackening the right handle nor to intervene on the clutch.

The frame is not other than that of the RSV4, with however its small batch of modifications. The steering column is more open of a half-degree, that is to say 25°, while being advanced of 10 mm. As a result, the footing gains 2 cm. That causes to make the motorcycle more stable. The handiness also gains in action thanks to the position of the engine. Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC is anchored low of 5 mm within the framework. Detail but nevertheless: the shock absorber of direction is provided in series only on version Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC.

Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R

Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R Nice Bikes Pictures

Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC is also equipped with 3 cartographies of injection to modulate its control according to the mood of the day or the environmental conditions (Track, Sport, Road). Considering the level of sportsmanship reached by the sporting one, this variation roadster is posed already in the top of the category. With not putting between all the hands: this machine is quite simply diabolic.

Aprilia TUONO 1000 V4 R APRC Specs

Frame: Tally:
Double perimetric beam to aluReservoir some: 17 litresHautor of saddle: 835 mmLonguor: 2065 mmLargor: 800 mmHautor: 1090 mmEmpattement: 1440 dry mmPoids: 179 Kg

Nose gear:
Reversed telehydraulic fork Ø 43 mm, deb.: 120 mm2 discs Ø 320 mm, radial clamps 4 pistonsRoue AV: 120/70 – 17”

Box with 6 secondary rapportsTransmission by chain

Rear wheel-axle unit:
Mono-shock absorber, deb.: 130 mm1 disc Ø 220 mm, clamp 2 pistonsRoue AR: 190/55 – 17”

4 Cylinders out of V with 65°, 4 tempsRefroidissement: Cooling liquideInjection Ø 48 mm2 ACT4 valves by cylindre999.6 DC (78 X 52.3 mm) 167 ch with 11500 tr/min11.2 mkg with 9500 tr/min

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