Aprilia Mana A good Idea?

Decidedly, the Piaggio Group is firing on all cylinders and brands gives the means to Express Themselves.

Guzzi is recovering as ever with competitive products, ranks Aprilia Develops its with a very successful Shiver 750 gold mana surprising and original automatic transmission.

Aprilia Mana A good Idea?

Aprilia Bikes Pictures

The Piaggio Group has recently struck a blow by presenting the ultimate scoot , superlative , the GP800 , equipped with a V Twin 839cc and 75hp , be to take 200 meter .

Is the amazing health of it Gave engineers the idea of slipping into a motorcycle frame ? Our team of engineers in Any case deserves congratulations as the product Proves successful and original .

A scoot ?

Mana has all the attributes of a motorcycle , both, in appearance or behavior its have felt His driver . She marries remarkably with the qualities That make the undeniable charm of the big scoots derived, namely ease of driving a stunning generous torque available at all times , and significant practical aspects .

Aprilia Mana A good Idea?

Aprilia Bikes Photos

You’ll Understand the mana wowed us! Our test bike at our disposal WAS put by the import Moto tricolore in BMR dealer in Brussels. His enthusiasm in us circling the owner Then Seemed a bit optimistic ! After eight days Spent riding the mana, we better Understand His attitude!

A motorcycle

Mana looks like a motorcycle Rather nicely drawn , displaying its own personality , Offering a driving position quite pleasant and reassuring . Saddle at two levels wedging well the kidneys , footrest naturally Placed right handlebar giving a vertical position and comfortable trunk .

Our Mana mounted a wide windshield and two suitcases , Seems tailor made for the road . Orders conventional feet, with a stick shift hey , we believe Automatically but only the left hand handlebar well marked by the failure of the clutch up.

By looking Carefully , we find the thumb and forefinger two small buttons and, on the right , above the starter , “fashion gear” button . Ignition on, engine idling , Briefly pressing the button Gives three successive maps:

Rain , Touring and Sport , with power whenever will Developed report . The rain wisest position , releases the power smoothly , The Most suitable position Ultimately Touring offers available torque at all times and Will Satisfy Almost all cases .


Aprilia Mana A good Idea?

Aprilia Bikes Images

It is this way -where we Focused throughout the test , as he appears best suited to the philosophy of the motorcycle . By pressing along on the gear mode, and switches to manual programming, and Will it take the driver up and down the 7 -speed, Regardless of the thumb and index finger , or more orthodox for a biker at the football. 7 reports, Wholly artificial , since the transmission is via an inverter , are nothing other than preset settings pulleys connected by a belt . The system Suzuki Burgman Appeared on the 650, except the footswitch .

We had seen no interest in fiddling with this ” thingy ” on the Burgman , and it Will Be the same on the Mana. It is so much nicer to simply turn the throttle and feel every time the engine back on a beach ideal couple , without fear of choosing the wrong report .

Those who have tasted the joys of the revival of 600 see very well what we are talking ! Let’s full Adding That Allows the shift lever , odd in automatic mode, demote and Malthus benefit from a more consistent engine braking , All which can be handy .

New experience

Mana disrupt probably a little inexperienced rider of the scooter, and not surprised to find the clutch up, It Will delight the driver of a scoot , surprised to find this wonderful ease of use of scoots on a ” real” bike! Let there be no mistake , despite its vario and his chest under the false tank , the Mana Behaves and is Perceived as a real motorcycle .

Aprilia Mana A good Idea?

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Agile , handy and easy in town , she is as good road highway that road . At most, we regret to saddle a little hard in the long and sometimes dry suspension solo reaction. Nothing insurmountable , we aim would have preferred a touch more comfort , just to stay in tune with the spirit of the motorcycle .


The same goes for the brakes , powerful and biting , almost too when braking panic . Strongly ABS, not yet available We enjoyed the windshield , a “plus ” for this kind of undeniable motorcycle, a little less luggage Certainly convenient, but really wide and Causing Some instability from 150 – 160km / h in Germany .

This phenomenon Disappears completely Call duet Where Mana area excels . Our transient loved the Mana she found attractive and comfortable. She enjoyed not to be shaken before Each backward shift, thanks to Vario and Its continuous thrust advantage Abe books web -have not thought of our las shaking solo.

Balance ? An intelligent proposal , linking the best of both worlds , and deserves more than a critical success , odd if the price of 9.490 is not putting it Within Reach of every budget.

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