Allowed: A Label yes, But for Ethical Schools

The consumer association CLCV caught in late August, the public’s attention on the compulsory display of the prices charged by driving schools. The transparency of the label yes, but we must also examine the content of education, said Frederic Jeorge, director of the Association for the Training of Motorcyclists (FMLA).

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New Bikes Pictures

Frederic Jeorge is director of the Association for the Training of Motorcyclists (FMLA). It reacts to the controversy, that arose from the investigation of the association CLCV consumers end of August (to discover, click on this link ). CLCV request, finally, a standard display rates with the success rate of each driving school and an obligation of result for the professional who evaluates the need for training.

The publication of the study resulted in an almost spontaneous reaction of the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Benoit Hamon, he announced on August 22 that he would “seize this alert to ask Fraud shed light on what happens in driving schools. ”

New Bikes Photos

New Bikes Photos

“We will look at it closely,” stressed Benoît Hamon, greeting consumer organizations that “help a lot the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud in the fight against these sometimes deceptive trade practices, these defects labeling these defects of information. “

According to Frédéric Jeorge, the Department should not be content to check the display of prices in each driving school, but should especially analyze the content of the training, which is priceless. Training, etiquette is as important as ethics …

The Minister is committed to clear the display practiced by schools tariff lines, which seems rather positive. Why FMLA is not fully satisfied?
Frédéric Jeorge research CLCV, as the reaction of the Minister, are legitimate. We also call on member schools AFDM network tariff transparency. The problem is to restrict the issue of training for its price, and the rate of success of each school, and make a pledge of quality. This is the value that counts. A school, that displays its rates and highlights the attractive price is not necessarily a recommended school. This index is sometimes a tendency to encourage schools bachotent at the expense of the overall quality of the service provided. Or, if that rate is displayed, then either by examiner and harmonizing judgments for the test to be really noticed everywhere in the same way!

When we talk about quality of training, what are we talking about exactly? Can you state the specifications that is committed to fulfilling a school adhering to the FMLA?
The priority is the state of mind of our teachers are themselves bikers. Their goal is not only to get the license, it is primarily to teach to drive safely and responsibly. This requires a set of commitments, including a small number of students (three to one instructor tray, two outstanding, each with a motorcycle), a large focus of the theory in the classroom and understanding of the road more than technical mastery sometimes overstated; teaching methods based on the depth and reality of conduct, against a refusal of productive cramming or accelerated training for novices, etc..

How many driving schools are they adhering to the FMLA, and where can you find in France?
We currently have sixty recognized schools spread throughout the metropolitan area. List with full details are available on the site . Also included are tips for choosing a school if there is not yet known address near you, looking just a little more than a simple fee schedule! We also invite school leaders who focus on quality, and want to know, contact us. And as the license is only one step in learning the road, which is throughout life, the FMLA also offers courses, post-license training, based on an associative network of volunteers and professionals, and prevention interventions in business leaders.

Rates practiced by the FMLA schools are necessarily higher than those of their colleagues (or rather competitors) that make low cost?
No, not necessarily. It is important to analyze what has a price. Often, a very low rate hiding something additional hour exorbitant fees or examination not included, no additional insurance during code only on DVD, monitors underpaid despite the importance of their work … For the motorcycle, the abnormally low prices are made possible by too many students per instructor and course sloppy. Self as a motorcycle, the calling plan 20h is rarely enough. Many students will need more and end up paying a much higher price. Ethics school, take an initial objective assessment and propose an appropriate package will not only display a better approach, but also find less expensive all things considered. License for life goes on, that justifies investing in quality!

Finally, the FMLA is it more in line with CLCV, or resolutely against this type of investigation and the ensuing media coverage?
Report practices boxes permits and serious dangers of cramming is part of the objectives of FFMC movement, since its first conference in 1980. The FMLA was created to address this issue by providing quality training at the lowest cost, with the support of his partner, Mutual bikers. We can only congratulate ourselves that this theme is recovery and better known to the public, but we fear the adverse effects when the message is reduced to the eternal refrain of “license too expensive.” The study CLCV goes a little further, and mentions some criteria of quality, but this is not what is highlighted and reported in the media, as this is the most important.

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