The BMW R NINET is presented on the occasion of “90 years BMW Motorrad”, with a picture purist, powerful and without hull. The original character of the Boxer engine and the formal language of the various epochs motorcycle merged with innovative technology and a modular concept that offers riders the highest level of customization.


BMW R NINET Bikes Pictures

Reduced to its essentials, the BMW R NINET – in short NINET – fascinates also for his character, that bears witness to a process of manufacturing and a strong emotional charge.

The classic Roadster comes up with a concept that reflects the desire of many motorcycle fans to live an authentic driving pleasure in motion, not compromised by stress. Consequently, the priority in the development of the design of NINET were attributes such as “purist simplicity”, “emotions” and “authentic materials, traditional.” In NINET, the traditional styles of engineering motorcycle joined-art propulsion components and chassis, creating a bike that can only inspire and calls on both the trips that relaxed sporty and dynamic driving on the highway.

The engine is the classic boxer engine

Like the first BMW motorcycle in 1923, the legendary BMW R 32, the new BMW R NINET focuses on classic and spirited Boxer engine as an engine. For the past 90 years the design principle is synonymous with distinctive design, the torque curve round and a unique sound. In NINET was mounted Boxer engine capacity of 1170 cm3 with oil / air cooled. The engine delivers 81 kW (110 hp) at 7750 r / min and a maximum torque of 119 Nm at 6000 r / min.

The concept is based on a high level of personalization and customizing

The NINET combines the DNA of 90 years of BMW Motorrad and, thanks to its unique concept, was created to meet the demands of fans of customizing. The possibilities of customizing, according to personal preferences were the focus during the development of the Roadster purist. The range of possible changes from the Original BMW Accessories range up to postmontare components and accessories manufactured as individual pieces preparatory motion, so as to create a truly unique specimen.

An important aspect that makes possible the high level of customization of NINET is the particular concept of the frame. The twin-spar steel frame developed specifically for the NINET integrates the Boxer engine as a stressed member. The basic construction of the frame is always composed of a front section of the frame with integrated steering tube and a rear section with arm support.

The frame of the passenger is removable and allows you to drive as the NINET bike for two or, for an absolutely authentic, alone. Complemented by an original seat cover offered as an accessory, the NINET exudes the charm of a motorcycle car, inspired by the early “Café Racer”.

Exhaust moved to the left side with dual tailpipes and editing capabilities

The concept of motion Roadster classic / sport is reflected in the exhaust moved to the left with two tailpipes superimposed. Within the range of genuine BMW Motorrad are offered numerous possibilities for customization. The NINET get a detailed technical look thanks to the system Akrapović titanium. Through a connecting tube short or long, the exhaust can be mounted low or high, so as to radically change the image and character of the NINET.

Traditional configuration of the chassis combined with high-performance technical

In the classic BMW R NINET Telelever the BMW Motorrad Boxer engine has been replaced by a telescopic fork upside-down recovery from the S 1000 RR supersports. The result is a classic style combined with a highly sophisticated technique. The rear suspension is designed as Paralever swinging arm with monoshock central.

The box of the rear differential has three points of attachment to secure, for example the plate and mount the plate laterally or the illumination device. In addition, the configuration of the single arm of NINET allows you to replace the wheel as standard 17-inch wide and 5.5 inches wide with a 6-inch specimen and perform the separate approval of the bike.

In his capacity, as motion thoroughbred roadster, the NINET designed in the style of historic models is equipped with spoked wheels with alloy rims with flat shoulder blacks anodized, aluminum wheel hubs of blacks and stainless steel spokes. Together with 4-piston monobloc brake calipers mounted radially, the brake discs with floating caliper with a diameter of 320 mm and the BMW Motorrad ABS provide a deceleration absolutely secure.

Purist design with unique character

One of the priority goals of the design was to reduce possible within the framework of the elements of the superstructure in favor of a purist. Contemplating the NINET It is also recognized in many components of the attention to detail that has influenced the work of designers and engineers.

The aluminum fuel tank capacity of 18 liters from the side panels has carefully brushed by hand and then treated with a coating dedicated. The aluminum lid with the inscription engraved NINET, applied to the right above the suction duct, is another example of the character of NINET.

The surfaces of many components made from forged aluminum, as for example the upper trapezius or fixing the handlebar with the BMW Motorrad, were subjected to blasting with glass beads and subsequently anodized to natural. Historical models of 90 years of BMW Motorrad is also reflected in the lighthouse with the circular emblem BMW centrally applied on the cover of the bulb.

The color selection has followed the special character of the NINET and comes in a classic black (Black Storm metallic) with elements of contrast color and silver metal.

Special on-board network for leave much room for customizing

A special configuration of the onboard network offers possibilities techniques, that facilitate the use of alternative components, for example of different projectors or direction indicators.

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