3 Wheel Scooter MBK Launch Next Summer

After Peugeot Piaggio Mp3 and recent and Its Metropolis, it is the turn of MBK integrate the short scooters 3 wheels, in a market That Seems To Suffer less from the crisis faced by the sector 2 wheels with a -15% Overall trend since the Beginning of the year.

3 Wheel Scooter MBK Launch Next Summer

3 Wheel Scooter MBK Bikes Pictures

Unlike Metropolis Mp3 and this is a smaller displacement since Tryptik is available in 125 cm3 engine. We were ble to discover on the stand of the brand Motorcycle Show in Paris this week . Previously reserved for larger vehicles , the choice of Yamaha integrate a smaller block should be be to lavish new customers ,

All which preserves its budget or do not want to offer a big engine for limited travel to the city .

The Tryptik not therefore Positioned as an interesting possibility in a Hitherto reserved for larger cubes market . Fairly easy pace , simple and compact , the Tryptik displays Rather small dimensions , it is reassuring for a cautious customer the idea of having  her in the traffic riding a big bulky machine.

3 Wheel Scooter MBK Launch Next Summer

3 Wheel Scooter MBK  Bikes Photos

The new 125 cm3 MBK therefore reassuring , and practical . Thin line , 14 -inch wheels, the Tryptik is advertised for a lower weight of 55kg Compared to the competition ! An advantage shoulds Greatly All which appeal to women, and small jigs That do not want to do weight training every urban trip .

Powered by a 125 cm3 engine the engine weight is 150 kg and shoulds Provide the same acceleration a urban scooter of the same capacity . Unlike Metropolis Peugeot and Piaggio Mp3 Like the Tryptik Will Have On Each year independent suspension wheel , All which should Ensure a superior driving comfort .

Equipped with a chest under the seat , the new scooter MBK Will not Have the stabilization system like Mp3 or Metropolis , the Tryptik Will still be full odd if for now the ABS is not yet confirmed. Commercialization  summer 2014.

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