1200 Triumph Trophy to Beat BMW at its Own Game

With 3000 km traveled on this machine in the long term, calquant too slavishly references being, it finally admitted that the copy is better than the original. Who can complain?


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With this color, it’s missing the word “Police”. But the Trophy is one of the best major road.


Among the very large road, and without falling into pullmans type Gold Wing, Electra Glide or Victory Vision, which are really frustrating on winding roads, the choice is this: either model yet versatile because neither too heavy nor too large such as BMW and Yamaha FJR 1200 or more binding machine in town but still better suited to long-haul destinations such as BMW or Kawasaki GTR 1600.

The Trophy wrong his world a little reminding aesthetically BMW RT, but it relates unambiguously to the second family, if, with 300 pounds, she resents changes very slowly, she is a sovereign hand on long course. It is not even found the queen of the class, led by its very definition and the care taken in its design as for its construction. More than 3000 terminals to the handlebars have convinced us.


The Trophy takes the engine, appeared in the Tiger Explorer last year, and moved into a unique chassis under a specific body. It is a richly equipped machine with monitoring tire pressure, electrically adjustable windshield and the headlamps, heated grips and optional heated seats. It is also very present its technology, which includes traction control, coupled braking, cruise control, not to mention in its Version audio installation and suspensions driven (but not the top box of our photos).


What is the specification of the tourism and real “premium”, beyond a neat painting, beautiful surface conditions, specific adjustments or sound equipment? Considering the comfort broadly as priority, the Trophy achieves faultless. This is true for mechanical, soft and yet so melodious and quiet, frugal and muscular. This is also true for luggage, one of the best designed in the current production. This is true for the last seat, the driving position and especially protection, certainly also the best currently available.


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Almost too, for that matter: from head to toe through the hands, driver and passenger are in their bubble, no tub but no drafts, and one might wish a little more ventilation, cool in summer or warm in winter. The body, at the same time, might be a little less vulnerable to scratches and impacts, and if you really quibble, Retro are not ideally placed, and the fuel tank is a bit tedious towards the end. This shows the magnitude of the blame!


BMW Bikes images


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Because otherwise the key is there: a brake coupled perfectly suited to the task, if not agile rigorous road balance, and ultimately feel that the bike has been extensively tested and developed by real “riders”. Do not smile, so many bikes today seem sloppy as accuracy is important, and this applies to ergonomics in all its forms.


BMW Nice BikesPhotos


Triumph did not return to the major road from the … 1200 Trophy 1996, but it is a total success. Those who use their GT as a suburban scooter can criticize his lack of maneuverability. Those who just want to shoot kilometer, however, will see the best successor to the Honda Pan European, ie the ultimate devourer long steps at a good pace. Finishing and outstanding quality, perfect engine and transmission, exceptional comfort, more honest behavior in fast driving, and especially total homogeneity for tourism in the long term, it would be a shame to stop its false air of BMW: it s’ moved with authority as the new reference type.


Engine: inline three-cylinder, liquid-cooled.

Capacity: 1215 cm3.

Maximum power: 106 hp.

Maximum torque: 12.2 kgm.

Transmission: six-speed.

Secondary transmission: tree.

Tires: 120/70-17 and 190/55-17.

Seat Height: 800/820 mm.

Tank: 26 liters.

With full weight: 301 kg (SE 315 kg).

Color: dark blue or gray.

Price: € 17,250 (SE: € 18,870).

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